The weight room can be an intimidating place for folks looking to start a new strength training program.  Most people interested in fitness recognize how strength training improves performance and health, however their fear of not looking like a veteran ends up outweighing the benefits of learning how to squat and deadlift.  I’d like to share three exercises I use with most new clients that are easy to learn quickly and yield great results for the long term.

1. Goblet Box Squat

This is the go-to exercise to teach new clients how to squat.  The box is there for confidence and to allow the hips to push backwards to start the movement.  This is a more quad-dominant version due to individualization, and pushing the butt back with more forward trunk lean is a progression.  Tap the box or bench and accelerate to the top!

2. Elevated Barbell Pushup

Great pushups are rarely seen from the start in most people that are getting into training.  Although I do use varieties from the knees at times, I have become much more of a fan of elevated pushups from a barbell.  Adjust the height to lower the pegs and get the chest to bar as you get stronger.  Glutes on and pull yourself into a good bottom position.

3. Kettlebell Deadlift

The deadlift and it’s varieties is probably the king of all exercises in my book.  It can also be the most intimidating for a lot of people.  This variety is my go to because it teaches a solid hip hinge, but also allows for a bit more knee bend and neutral spine in those learning the pattern.  Once you feel the hamstrings and glutes doing most of the work, it will be an easy transition to kettlebell swings, trap bar deadlifts and many more varieties that create a great training effect.

These are three ideas you can implement immediately in a new strength training program if you have been intimidated in the past.  If you are interested in starting a program but want a bit more help, check out our online consulting option on the pricing page.  My goal is to help you become independent with your own training for years to come!