I have become a huge fan of the Tim Ferris Podcast, and his interviews offer great insight into improving lifestyle.  What I admire is the theme of constant search for self-improvement among his guests.  After listening to a new episode today, I thought I would share a few of my own tips for self-improvement below.

1. Wake up early and eat breakfast outside

When your alarm goes off, hit the ground running.  I have started to sit on my front porch and enjoy breakfast and coffee most mornings.  The sunlight seems to spark the awake button within our circadian rhythm, and getting started quickly and early is a hallmark of successful people.  I like to get some reading done, shoot out some e-mails, or just reflect on life and be present.  Speaking of breakfast…

2. Make breakfast the night before

We know that most people fail in their “diet” by not preparing properly for success.  In my case, I tend to not eat enough if food prep isn’t done.  Many struggle with the opposite problem, but the fix is still the same.  Two of my favorites are a pretty basic smoothie recipe and a frittata with some protein and mixed veggies (on the blog soon!).  There probably isn’t any one “most important” meal of the day, but breakfast definitely sets the tone in most cases.  Success breeds success, so start the day on a good note.

3. Work on mobility every single day

Find one area of your body that needs some mobility work.  Make this a daily opportunity to get better.  I have long struggled with improving mobility through the front of my shoulders.  I’m sure that has nothing to do with benching 5 days a week through college.  And by benching, I really mean blowing out the front of my shoulders.  As such, I like to get a lacrosse ball into the pecs for 2-4 minutes and follow with some kettlebell armbars.  Best way to develop shoulder mobility and stability?  Just might be.

Throw at least one of these tips into your daily routine and make improvements stick.  Thanks for reading!