Many of us are working longer hours, have kids with multiple activities each week and travel between cities because of job demands.  Stress is high, and motivation for staying healthy is often the first to spiral downwards.  This leaves a lot of people feeling lost with their physical well being and unsure of how to climb back out of the hole.  I think there is a great solution to this problem, and it comes packaged as an executive fitness program.

Below is an example of a recent client who took advantage of our program with great results!

The client is a local executive who had recently suffered a moderate-grade hamstring tear and had been unable to remain active during his recovery.  I happened to meet him while treating at the physical therapy clinic where I work, and after improving his pain and movement quality, he was interested in what I could do for him to help get fit and lose some weight.

He was traveling across the country a couple times per month, often for multiple days at a time.  Luckily he stayed at the same hotel and was familiar with the gym on site.  He was unsure what exercises would be best to continue his healing process, as well as what to avoid to stay injury-free.  This leads us to the first step in the process.

We met for coffee to further discuss his goals, plan for the logistics of different gym equipment and setup, and how to build a system of accountability as well.  I then developed a custom program for both his hometown gym and hotel gym, and he also received a list of all exercises with video and how to modify each as needed for equipment.    With this program the client also has full access to my personal e-mail and phone so we can problem solve as needed if any issues pop up.  He followed the program with monthly progressions for a few months.

My client was able to lose a bunch of weight, continued to improve his movement quality and fitness, and  developed a quality of life that he had been searching for.  His program from Adams Performance allowed a tailored fit to his lifestyle in a very cost-effective manner.  

My desire is to create a product whose value is significantly greater than the investment you make, so check out our custom plans to maximize your fitness potential.  Click on over to our pricing page for details on the program if this sounds like a good fit for you or someone you know!