Kathy is a client who was referred to me by a local Airrosti provider.  She had recently completed a full marathon, and naturally her body was banged up.  Her provider at Airrosti had done a great job improving her pain, tissue quality and ability to move around pretty well again.  Pretty well was the issue, and he sent her my way for some quality strength and conditioning for 3 months.

During her initial assessment, we discussed short and long term goals.  Performance was the deal for her.  She wanted to return to training and run another marathon in the fall, with more races mixed in if possible.  We came up with the plan to establish a baseline month of recovery and introduction to training, followed by increasing plyometric work, single leg training and a focus on modern core training methods.  Here is a brief overview of the fantastic progress she has made.

She had some lingering movement issues that we needed to clean up ASAP.  We had to modify some movements to make sure she could train without pain and aggressively develop fitness.  After month one her movement quality improved vastly.  She crushed conditioning work like battle ropes, sled pushing and medicine ball circuits.  She never missed a workout, and we program for her travel schedule based on what she has available.

Speed forward 3 months and now she can deadlift over bodyweight, perform 30 light band assisted pullups, and most importantly for her……..return to running!  So far she is making great progress, and in addition to running, she has made great improvements in her physique as well.

Here is what I love about her progress.  WE NEVER DISCUSSED FAT LOSS.  We focused on getting strong, moving well, and building a consistency with training so she could enjoy doing what she wants physically.  Here is what happened.

She lost around 15 pounds of body fat, added some muscle, and dominated her blood panels at a recent checkup.  When she was only running, she added body fat last year!  Running often becomes very economical for your body, and fat loss does not happen rapidly in a reasonably well trained person.  Her switch to strength training has helped her lose body fat, maintain muscle and feel better.  This is the same thing everyone wants if their goal is to lose weight!

Kathy highlights what can be accomplished with the team approach I take with clients.  We match an individual assessment with a great long term plan.  We talk with physicians and healthcare providers.  Most importantly, we allow the client to become the center of attention so that everyone on the team communicates and develops better outcomes!

I want to give a public shoutout to Kathy for all of her hard work (although I hate to do it), and hopefully others will follow her example by investing in health, actively finding great people to work with, and killing it every time she steps foot in the gym!