The team approach championed by the Titleist Performance Institute has changed the way professional golfers prepare to become winners on tour.  The image of your favorite player receiving treatment or warming up in the fitness trailer is now commonplace.  Tour players almost all have a team to help maximize potential, and often the medical pro is the unsung hero of the team.  So why don’t you have “your” rehab professional that you call to help solve your issues?  Furthermore, what should you look for in a rehab expert to help you get back to playing great golf?

Manual Therapy Specialist

Manual therapy is the application of hands-on treatment techniques by a trained medical professional to decrease pain and improve movement potential.  The most current research demonstrates that most manual therapy techniques work by decreasing pain locally at the level of the injured tissue, as well as decreasing the painful signal your brain sends back to those tissues.  There are a variety of great techniques out there to help, and here is a list of my favorite techniques:

· Trigger Point Dry Needling

· Graston Technique

· Active Release Technique

· Spinal Manipulation

· Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization


Advanced Certifications

As medical professionals it is our duty to be lifelong learners, and this is very important to look for when choosing your expert.  If manual therapy creates the opportunity to move and feel better, then establishing an accurate diagnosis is equally as important.  Here are some certifications or initials that likely mean your clinician uses a systematic approach to get you on the right path:

· OCS – Orthopedic Clinical Specialist – gold standard in orthopedics for physical therapists

· SCS – Sports Clinical Specialist – gold standard in sports medicine for physical therapists

· CCSP – Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician – gold standard in sports medicine for chiropractors

· SFMA – Selective Functional Movement Assessment – this is part of the TPI medical model, and helps identify your limitations quickly

· ATC – Certified Athletic Trainer – these experts have typically worked with a high volume of athletes and are excellent at treating acute injuries

Accessibility In The Digital Age

 Smart phones have made it easier than ever to organize our lives and communicate quickly with others.  Access to your golf performance team should work in a similar fashion.  As an example, all of my clients can e-mail and text during the week and they know I will help as soon as possible.  While on vacation this week I have written five fitness programs, modified a couple clients’ exercises, talked a young athlete through supplementation after surgery, and referred a client to an orthopedic surgeon for further diagnostic testing.   I can communicate exercise changes, self-treatment strategies and advice quickly to get my athletes moving in the right direction on day one.  Find a medical pro who you not only have access to, but will go out of his or her way to make sure you are taken care of!

These lists are by no means an end-all-be-all, but they should serve to help you find a qualified medical expert that you can trust.  For more information, check out the Find An Expert section at