Performance Training Systems

Our approach to developing athletes begins with a comprehensive assessment that includes a medical and training history, functional movement screens and further orthopedic testing for each individual. We then create an individualized fitness program to improve mobility, strength and athletic performance. All training is done in a semi-private environment, which encourages a culture of competition under the coaching of our expert staff. Our system is proven to deliver results with athletes at the high school, college, and the professional ranks.


Golf Performance Program

Our staff are Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Level-1 Providers of the leading golf fitness evaluation on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour. We start with a full medical and training history and then utilize the information from the TPI screen and 3D swing analysis using the K Vest to create a player development program. For most players this includes golf-specific mobility and stability drills, strength and conditioning programming and a specific plan for the warmup and practice. We strongly believe in the team approach developed by the Titleist Performance Institute, and love to partner with teaching PGA professionals, healthcare providers and club fitters to maximize your ability to play better golf.


Adult Fitness Program

The perfect fitness program for the weekend warrior who wants to move better, build muscle, lose fat and improve at whatever physical practice you love.  We believe everyone is an athlete in some capacity, and our style of training will tap into those roots. Some examples of our members are stay-at-home moms who want to stay fit and set a great example for their kids, office workers looking to feel better and manage stress with meetings and travel, and weekend warriors focused on reducing injuries and setting personal records with marathons and club tennis tournaments.


Remote Training Program

We understand that not everyone has the time and money to invest in training at our facility multiple days per week. Modern life is more fast-paced than ever with work, travel, kids and very little time to rest. Many people find themselves doing their best to get fit but end up with the same boring workout plan with little direction or long term goals. This program will change that. You get a full movement assessment, medical and training history, goal setting and question and answer session on day one. This information is used to create a four to six-week training program customized for you that can be completed at your gym, home or on the road. Most members like to meet every four to six weeks to discuss progress, set new goals and review the next block of training to stay motivated and on track to succeed. We also offer Zoom telehealth calls for the initial assessment and follow ups!


A Comprehensive Approach

Delivering Membership Options For All Fitness Levels To Get You Started On Your Goals Today